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Stay Ali - Vati Vati EP (2009) [FLAC] [cxcr6-004]

Topics cxcr6, Stay Ali

Stay Ali is a trio from Sweden, that creates catchy electronical music. The band consists of BÃÂ¥rd Ericson, Elias Smeds and Johan Graden, all born in 1991 in Stockholm.
It all started as a joke back in 2006, but has evolved into something much more
serious. They have now released numerous EPs and albums on different netlabels, and have played on many different events and shows during the past year.
The music is hard to categorize, but it's some sort of happy mix of electro, chip, electronica and maybe some house. During the last two years the style of the music has had some major changes, sometimes even from one month to another. Stay Ali is not trying to reach some sort of goal with their music, instead they always try to evolve it into something new.


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